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This video is super-cool.  Where else are you going to find superstar athletes promote the game of chess.

NBA Video

This is a particular highlight of my life.  I do not get the occassion to play many Grandmasters, and when I do the game usually goes to the better player.  However, one day I had fortune smile upon me.  I was able to draw a GM.  It was the first occassion that I had done so.  I was even so lucky as to have my game printed in Chess Life.  I was lucky and I used the applied science of tactics.  It's what we teach children.  And this is an example of why we teach them.

Chess Life Article

As I have been to Lindsborg many times, including my brother's wedding, I thought it would be appropriate to include this well written article about chess in the middle of Kansas and what it means to that community.

National Geographic

If you've been around professional chess for any length of time you have no doubt heard about the Polgar sisters.  There are 3 sisters who all learned and excelled at the game of chess.  I present to you a very interesting article about what they think about chess and how women were able to learn a trade that is almost completely dominated by men.

Psychology Today

On the Polgar note... Have you ever wondered how one goes about getting better at chess or really anything at all?  This is a fantastic article, and I believe a highly accurate article on how people become experts in certain fields.  Of course, the article uses chess as it's demonstration tool.  Very well written for a non-chess professional.

Scientific American


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