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School Programs

Midwest Chess Academy (MCA) is offering an exciting effort to offer before and after school chess (Scholastic Enrichment Programs; SEP's) clubs to the community. Tim Steiner owns and operates, along with other professionals the MCA which services both the Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Chess brings out latent abilities that have not been reached by traditional educational methods. Chess must assume its fundamental role as a mental integrator and motivational activator.

More specifically:

  • The essential goal of education is to teach children to think critically; students must learn to make reasoned judgments.
  • Encourage patience, memory retention, the ability to concentrate, problem-solving skills, and the understanding that behaviors carry certain consequences.
  • Achieve local, state, and national recognition for our students.
  • Teach children to compete and succeed in tournament chess.
  • Get students exposed and active in scholastic chess in Kansas City and Dallas/Ft. Worth to hone their skills.

This is a year round program, including both the Fall and Spring semesters. A summer session will be coordinated with your chess facilitator. We service primarily the elementary school level, but also accommodate the junior high and high school level.

Our basic format is we supervise one, 1-hour chess club per week for an entire semester (usually a 12-14 week session) either before, during, or after school. A 15-20 minute tutorial on a topic will be provided during this club session. A session for advanced students may be made available within your district or at an outside location. However, our group would like to stress that lessons occur during school time because we strongly believe that chess is a viable educational and social tool. This also permits us to allow more exposure of chess to other districts and schools.

Lessons are planned to be taught on school grounds at each location. Typical enrollment is around 20 students. We will also accommodate the mixing of grades for each session. Days and times will have to be negotiated with this company and the availability of an instructor.

Current Programs - WinSp 2022

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